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Masterful Wedding Receptions

RELAX.  You've Got Joe.

Joe’s 25 years of professional experience and wedding reception coordination will ensure that your celebration is energetic, fun, timely, and most importantly, worry-free. With his captivating voice, Joe incorporates all the special ingredients you want (and leaves out all the things you don’t) into a timely and flowing celebration.

What People Are Saying About Joe

"Our guests keep calling to tell us what a wonderful time they had, thanks to you!"

"You kept things moving, yet added all the special touches.  Those memories you created will last a lifetime.  Thank you again Joe!"

The Tangibles

  • Experienced with over 1000 wedding receptions

  • Perfectly emceed event with all the special touches
  • Referred by 100’s of brides, banquet managers, and photographers (after all, it's not what I say, it's what THEY say!)
  • Ability to smoothly transition and incorporate events, songs, and activities into a cohesive, interactive, memorable, and worry-free celebration.
  • Music selection (anyone can have a million song library… but knowing what to play when is key… and what NOT to play too


The Intangibles (that make the difference!):

  • Complete package, no breaks. Includes cocktail, dinner, and dance music, respectively. (All packages start upon the arrival of guests).
  • Premium Bose Sound System (the best and clearest sound money can buy)
  • FREE Party Planner (customize the event with the ingredients you want… and leave what you don’t).
  • FREE Music Guide (Allows you to actively pick songs and give Joe a feel for your music tastes).
  • Music Variety (Thousands of lovable songs to supercharge your celebration)
  • Early set-up (In-place and providing a festive atmosphere as guests arrive)
  • Clean, neat, wireless appearance in set-up
  • Tastefully done request cards at tables (Your guest have fun offering input… and gives Joe a good feel for the guests’ preferences).
  • Fully Insured
  • Tuxedo attire
  • Dance lighting is included in all packages
  • You control the volume 

Professional Wedding Ceremony Sound

Today's weddings and receptions often require proper sound in multiple locations. Joe can handle the logistics to provide recorded music and microphones for your ceremony as well as the reception. This additional service includes a lapel microphone for your officiant, a wireless hand-held mic (for prayers, readings, solo singers, or vows), themed music starting 30 minutes prior to your ceremony, and your specific songs cued to your ceremony agenda.

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DJ Joe Debiak

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