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Love for Music Started Early

   Joe is a pleaser. Unbeknownst to him, his DJ career started in high school when he was in charge of the tunes (boom box) on the bus rides to sporting events... always anticipating what the teams would want for pre-game, warm up, and the ride home.  This passion continued into college where he learned how to "beat mix" and gained experience from performing at Fraternity and Sorority events, Electric Avenue night club, and high school dances. 

   Joe quickly took on wedding receptions and has perfected every aspect of them ever since then, with over 30 years of planning with some of the most particular brides and more than 1000 receptions.  Joe's company, PowerMix Productions, was Kalamazoo's premiere wedding reception DJ service for 20 years and did as many as 7 events per night until he went solo in 2010.

   His attention to detail shows in everything from his cocktail music mixes, dinner music mixes, event emceeing, voice inflections, timing, and his personality that puts the spotlight back on the party or bride and groom.  No chicken suit or gimmicks required.  His announcer voice commands attention to keep guests in the 'know' while guests see a beautifully orchestrated event that flows naturally. 

   Joe is a real pro that is often hired personally by leaders in the wedding industry for their own family weddings and events. 

   "I don't think I ever want to stop DJing... I make a huge impact on my client's day. It's the most gratifying work I can do," he said.

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